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Sunday, 25 February 2007

Get Chitting!

Now’s the time to buy up your seed potatoes and start them into growth. You are best buying your seed potatoes from a garden centre or via mail order than from a supermarket which have been known to carry viruses. All types will benefit from “chitting”. This is a technique, which encourages the seed potatoes to sprout indoors before planting. Place them on a tray or in old egg boxes with the side with the most eyes pointing upwards in a light, cool and frost free place. After a while you’ll notice new shoots appearing which will then start to grow. When these are 2-3cm in length they are ready for planting. The advantage of chitting is that it gives the potato plants a head start and as a result generally produce much bigger crops than if they were sown straight away.


Anonymous said...

Thought you had to 'chit'in the dark?

Miranda Bell said...

I'm pleased to inform you that chitting takes place in broad daylight!