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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Cold & Frosty Morning...

Frost arrives in Brittany again - and thought I'd share some of the pictures I took whilst out for my morning walk with Lucy (our black Lab) ....


Anonymous said...

Some lovely photos of the frost :)

It is spectacular at the moment isn't it?

I live in SW France, just outside the bastide of Monflanquin and I watched the sunrise there this morning (took some piccy's but not sure if they are good enough for putting on my www.perigordvacance.com blog)

This is the first time I have read your blog after seeing your comment on Richard Loaders blog but I will book mark it and may even feature it on my gardening blog www.landscapejuice.com in the future.

All the best from a chilly Lot et Garonne.


Miranda Bell said...

Thanks for visiting Phil- looks like you've got a couple of interesting sites too... perhaps we can do a reciprocal link at some point? Not sure if you're ever interested in further advertising for the gite - Alastair Sawdays - Special Places to Stay are great... www.specialplacestostay.com - might be of interest!

Thought today was cold - it's even colder tonight... was -5 degrees here this morning! So goodness knows what it will be like tomorrow and forecast is colder still for the weekend!

We were down in your neck of the woods - or relatively near for our holidays this year - near to St Beat (Pyrenees)- we loved the mountains...

All the best - Miranda

Cheryl said...

Just love those frosty photos, but the picture of the cow is fabulous.

Miranda Bell said...

Thanks Cheryl... I must admit the cow seems to have struck a chord with some people!! They make great subjects for photos too. It's pretty frosty and v. sunny again today but hope to get out in the garden later to carry on with all the endless tasks - it never stops... and once the grass cutting season starts I seem to spend all my time on other people's gardens and not here so am making the most of it! Miranda