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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Early signs of life....

There are signs that spring is not far away despite the stormy beginning to 2008 - so I thought I'd share these with you... I love the continued little surprises each day you wander round the garden noticing new things appearing in the ground, in spaces you'd forgotton about - it's very exciting! It's signs like these that remind me of the nights starting to draw out more and the thought of warm sunny days.... and at the same time the sense that none of us ever knows what lies around the next corner!
A garden is a place of constant change - a bit like life - every day you get flowers dying and in their place new flowers appearing. Each year it takes on a slightly different shape, certain plants do better than others, some plants get moved and others get added - just all part of life's rich tapestry!


Connie said...

Lovely flowers! We still have a couple months to go before we see signs of life!
I just browsed some of your earlier posts...what a lot of rain you had! What kind of greenhouse do you have? I have a Sunshine Gardenhouse 8x12 and I love it!

A wildlife gardener said...

That gentian blue of the iris is so full of vibrancy..and I love the creamy hellebore too.

It is sleeting here as I type, so these flowers are a welcome sign of Spring. Our bulbs are only once inch high at the moment, as we are 225 metres above sea-level in an open and windswept landscape...so Spring comes later for us.

Happy gardening in 2008, Miranda :)

Meems said...

Hi Miranda: What a happy sight for you to see blooms as a welcome surprise.It is true how the garden relates so inevitably to life... so many lessons to learn from God's great earth! Even though we don't have the same kind of cold winter as most... it doesn't keep me from longing for spring when all that's living seems to come to life anew.

I looked at your rain post too. Whew... we could use just a dose of what you received. Our drought conditions in Florida are greatly affecting our crops right now. I would imagine all that water will help your spring blooms in the long run?

Have a happy day.

Chris said...

Hello, how lovely that your hellebore is in flower already. I have checked ours and they are just beginning to flower. I am developing a fondness for hellebores. I understand they seed but take years to flower!

Miranda Bell said...

Hi all... thanks for your lovely comments...

Glad you liked the flowers Connie - the greenhouse is fairly basic - it's a 6x8 High Eave greenhouse from the Peak range... we bought it in the UK as greenhouses here are double the price!

Hello to to the Wildlife Gardener - you sound like you're quite high up compared to us... you'll have all the bulbs to look forward to - I'm off to Bristol for a week tomorrow to catch up with friends so am wondering what will be waiting for me to discover in the garden on my return!

Hi Meems - you're right God's great earth never ceases to amaze me - even down to the detail He's put in the flowers... not to mention the awesome sunsets recently... spring is a great time! Sorry to hear that Florida is having such a dry time - the weather patterns are all over the place at the moment - was just looking at the photos of the flooding in Northern England - it's terrible there - perhaps we should send the rain your way!

Look forward to catching up with you all when I get back end of January... hopefully the weather will be good enough to get more done outside by then! A bientot Miranda

shirl said...

Hey, Miranda :-)

Beautiful flowers! However, I've popped over to ask if you would be interested in sharing the beautiful birds that perhaps visit your garden :-D

We are doing a survey here in the UK this weekend which you can read about in my post 'Rain brings garden birds'. If you would like to join me in a post please just leave me a comment and I'll add a direct link to my results post.

No probs if you are busy - enjoy your weekend :-D