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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Come rest awhile!!

This morning to my surprise I noticed an univited guest (a Red-Legged Partridge)sitting on our garden seat below the plum tree... we get quite a few of these rather cute birds who waddle about like little people and are very amusing to watch! So I thought I'd share this with you since I've not had a great deal of time for a posting recently!


The Wessex Reiver said...

Hi Miranda, this is more like it, birds in the garden, mind you a RLP would be very unusual in my garden :-) How are the bramblings by the way?

I've just spent some time back reading your blog, it's a hive of information, just great. Why was the blogging community not in existence in 1999, when I did my RHS Cert?? It's interesting that I began my blog to talk about birds and wildlife and now seem to spend as much time looking at gardening blogs (some would say too much). I feel, as many many do others do too, Gardening and Wildlife are symbiotic, one can't exist without the other, where would we all be without the humble bee?. Blogs like this and Shirls are wonderful for keeping up with the new trends, information and so on. If you will allow I'd like to link to you just dip in now and then.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Border Reiver - no sign of the Bramblings today... our spotted woodpecker has been hard at work though! I totally agree with you about birds and wildlife - since we moved to Brittany I think that aspect has become even more important - trying to create a wildlife friendly garden from a space that had literally been left for about 9 years - so we inherited a wealth of brambles, ivy, bind weed, etc etc but I rarely have to use any chemicals in the garden as the the birds especially do a fab job! I was amazed today to see Delphiniums coming through and they've not been touched by slugs!
Thanks for your kind compliments - it would have been great to have blogs whilst doing the RHS General Cert - I did this in Bristol a number of years ago but loved it and have not really looked back! No probs if you want to link to this site.. I've added your link to mine. Hope the UK weather is better than here right now! Miranda

The Wessex Reiver said...

Thanks Miranda, how odd I did mine at the Bristol Botanical Gardens too, it was only the Certificate - Mary Payne was the leader. Sadly I've forgotten a lot. Small World.

Miranda Bell said...

Small world isn't it - Jon Wheatley was our tutor @ Stoke Bishop - he was just great and SO enthusiastic - you couldn't fail to enjoy the course!

Cheryl said...

What a joy, he can come and sit on my bench anytime. These are the things that make my garden special, the visitors that come to share my plot.