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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Fiery colours of November!

As one or two people had asked over this weekend what had happened to November, one conclusion suggested that it had been cancelled due to bad weather - I decided that this was probably the best phenomenon that I could indeed come up with!!

The autumn is an extremely busy time of year or it certainly seems to have been this year for one reason and another - certainly not enough time to get jobs done in our own garden so far with the constant battle with the weather, but then again it could be worse!

With the gradual transition this year from rather mild weather into more cool weather, the leaves have had time to change colour and many still remain on the trees giving us some wonderful autumn colours and so I thought I'd share some of these with you. If you've got some obvious gaps in your own garden at this time of year, it's an ideal time to plant to ensure a good display for 2009.

Yesterday I sat inside watching the rain pretty much all day and then today it cleared enough to allow me into our own garden for a change to catch up on some of the many jobs needing done. It was wonderful to watch our Spotted Woodpecker prizing his way into the few walnuts remaining on the ground, the Great Tits followed to pick up anything that remained and towards the end of the day was surprised by a flock of long tailed tits that seemed to find plenty to feed off in both the Plum and Field Maple trees - they're wonderful acrobats and extremely entertaining!

To round off the day today - some wonderful evening colour in the sky...


Pat said...

Your have a beautiful peace of land.
Amazing photos!!
Wonderful close-ups,great color.
My camera stinks when it comes to close-ups...not sure what to do about that.
Thanks for sharing.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Patsi - welcome to my blog and glad you liked the photos - if it helps to encourage you - it's taken a while to master this digital that I've got to get pics like these - not something that takes 5 mins I'm afraid! All the best with yours' and will visit your blog soon too.