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Friday, 27 February 2009

The pleasures of working in other people's gardens....

I took these photos last week whilst out working in one of my clients' gardens - about a half hour's drive away from where we live. It's great to work in other gardens besides our own of course, in that you get a much broader spectrum of situations and plants to enjoy as well as watching them all develop!

After a hard afternoon of pruning back Hazels I was rewarded by their first Camelia bloom... somehow the first bloom is that much more special in a funny way, especially after the months of a lack of colour in the garden. Along with roses I do love the way that Camelia's just can't fail to brighten up the garden at this time of year and with the added drops of rain from the night before which remained on the petals... I thought you might enjoy these pictures.
After finishing up I took a long walk along the lake at Jugon Les Lacs - a pretty little village about half way between us and the client - it was a beautiful evening, especially for february and with the setting sun provided some wonderful evening light for taking pictures... no I've not mucked around with these using photoshop!


Anonymous said...

Camellias are very beautiful. Very luxurious flowers for this time of year and many are so like roses. I'm still waiting for my first flower to appear!

Miranda Bell said...

Many thanks Easygardener - I love camelias too - yes they are so like roses in many ways - especially in the way that they bring so much wonderful colour at this time of year - this bloom was particularly beautiful... will look forward to yours when they arrive!

Anonymous said...

It is such a privilege in some ways to work in other peoples gardens - and you are so right, it does broaden your horizons. I am happy to say all my customers want me back after the winter :)