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Monday, 30 August 2010

Recycling - why do we need to bother?!

This is a question I've heard more than just a few times and RECYCLE - The Essential Guide will I'm sure impress on you why you should bother!  It's a new and exciting book, packed with interesting facts and ideas and should be a No. 1 choice on anybody's Wish List!

RECYCLE - The Essential Guide includes an introduction by the One Show's Lucy Siegle and is one of the best informed books I've read on this topic.  Information and case studies are included on recycling projects across the globe and show clearly how recycling is essential and not a mere choice of "do we or don't we?"  If you're not convinced then I've no doubt that by the time you've finished reading this book you will be...  There are so many varied ways of recycling - it's not just about recycling your rubbish!

Being a keen gardener one of the obvious ways of recycling in the garden is that of composting which not only helps to reduce the amount of rubbish in your dustbins but has many added benefits to the garden and the soil including helping you achieve better vegetable crops, enjoy healthier plants and aid in reducing the amount of actual watering you might need to do over the warmer months of the year.  There is a very comprehensive chapter on this subject with some great suggestions on how to create your own wormery as one example.

If you would like to order a copy, you will get a 40% discount as a reader of this blog and you should email Jessica Atkins mentioning that you found the details on my blog site.

Definitely food for thought!


Anonymous said...

Dear Miranda, How wonderful to hear from you again. I do so hope that it is work that has kept you away and that you have been richly rewarded for your efforts.

As you point out here, recycling in the garden makes absolute sense and I uphold this completely. Nowadays, I find that recycling my clothes in charity shops and purchasing second hand books from the same are my modern recycling schemes.

I hope that you are well.

Miranda Bell said...

Dear Edith - please don't worry - it is just work that has kept me away and nothing else - I've missed all the contact with fellow bloggers and the chance to share things that have been going on and the general changes in the garden - in a nutshell it's been a fantastically dry summer here and the other thing that has kept me outside on evenings has been copious watering despite lots of mulching of the beds earlier - we've very lucky in that we have a well for this purpose!

Will try and pop over to your blog very soon - please know that I've no intention of not continuing with my blog at all - but over the next couple of months it might be that I'm not posting a great deal - I've a very busy time coming up with loads of planting this year for clients which is great - definitely my busiest year with work yet! Take care and enjoy what summer is left Miranda x