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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

From one extreme to another...

I cannot believe looking out of the window today that I was outside gardening in a t-shirt at the weekend... almost too warm and we've had a good covering of snow, freezing cold winds and it's like a scene from the Arctic! (not quite perhaps!).

The birds have been eating loads and I really can't blame the poor things (put in the same situation who wouldn't!?).

Hope you enjoy the photos I've taken today both from inside and out...  this first photo is of a little male Siskin... we've still got loads of them in the garden which is great.

Poor little Gold Finch - feathers all puffed out trying to keep warm!
This was a view of the bird table from the upstairs bedroom with a glimpse of our one token Brambling who was making the most of a good feed.  We don't get many of these - the last one I saw was last winter.
 Plenty of visitors enjoying some extra food... Great Tits, Blue Tits, Greenfinches, Goldfinches and Siskins and our new visitor - the Brambling!
This was our Christmas tree from 3 years ago which is enjoying it's new life in the woodland!

Later this afternoon I ventured out with Lucy... difficult to see but this was in the middle of a blizzard!

This is a lovely walk all along the top of a river bank - there are plenty of fox holes along here - no foxes or deer spotted today as we often do.  The weather is due to clear up tomorrow but time will tell...


Sue Garrett said...

You have a lot of snow haven't you? We have only had two siskins this year and then only once and for a couple of minutes. No bramblings but lots and lots of goldfinches and blackbirds.

That feeder is certainly loaded with birds ours fight one another off.

Midmarsh John said...

Winter does seem to keep coming back this year.Fortunately here each morning's snow usually melted in the afternoon.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Sue - many thanks for visiting my blog again... we've had loads of rain this weekend which has kept me indoors for a change! Hoping to have more blogging material soon!

Miranda Bell said...

Hi MMJ - hope you've had better weather than we've had here this last weekend... that said the birds are still eating well :-)

Miranda Bell said...

Hi MMJ - hope you've had better weather than we've had here this last weekend... that said the birds are still eating well :-)