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Monday, 13 May 2013

Fox Cubs Part 2!

Thought I'd quickly post these photos - taken early evening of a new fox cub family... I can't believe my luck in getting so close - they are unbelievably cute but undoubtedly younger than the family in the other location... I went for an evening stroll after battling with lots of long grass today... and amazed to see these two little cubs curled up in tight balls - separately but within striking distance of the den entrance... enjoy!



Kitty said...

OMG. Vulpines are the best of the canine and the feline worlds. And those little guys are no exception. Lucky you to have them hanging out in your area. :-)

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Kitty - thank you v. much for visiting my blog - I think this is your first visit? I've been v. busy working this last week so this was the last time I saw the little foxes... but hopefully will get some time over the weekend :-)

Brittanygirl said...

Hello Miranda

I'm catching up with blogs I haven't visited recently.

Your photographs are absolutely lovely! How lucky you are to have these foxes so close to you.


Miranda Bell said...

Thanks Sandra - I must admit this was a first for me seeing them so small... we've done this walk for the last number of years and this is the first time we've seen them during the day!