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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

First sighting....

Very exciting on my walk this evening with Lucy (our labrador) when I caught sight of my first ever Lesser Spotted Woodpecker - really dinky birds - substantially smaller than the Great Spotted - photographed on the nuts hanging on our bird table (in a previous posting). It was possibly just slightly bigger than a large Blackbird - absolutely no red plumage (female) - it's worth pointing out that the males have red plumage on the tops of their heads but no lovely red tummy like the Great Spotted ones. They have a much rounder head with a much shorter pointed beak too! I'd never realised quite how different they are.

Just before arriving home saw a pair of little Gold Crests too - will try and get a picture one of these days!


shirl said...

Hi again Miranda, what a wonderful moment you had last night. How foruntate you had your camera too :-D

What a great shot and to see the Goldcrests on the same night must have been the icing on the cake! Looking forward to seeing pics of them now too - no pressure or anything ;-)

Miranda Bell said...

It was a wonderful end to my walk - their call is very similar to that of the Great Spotted Woodpecker - so had to do a double take and when I realised it looked so different knew that it had to be the Lesser Spotted one... will be the first to post a picture of a Gold Crest if possible, but are extremely difficult to photograph especially without the proper lenses! You never know though... Take care Mx

Connie said...

Wonderful capture of a very handsome bird!