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Sunday, 11 January 2009

A winter garden....

It has been SO cold this past 10 days here in Brittany and in particular the last 3 days when temperatures have dipped to as low as -7 degrees. I begin to understand why certain animals hibernate! All said and done the forecast is showing a complete change in weather on it's way, so maybe I might be able to get out and do many of the jobs I've got lined up in the garden in the near future.
The birds are out in force at the moment making the most of their daily feast - certainly brings some colour to the garden at a time of year when colour is sadly lacking. I thought I'd take some pictures from around our own garden and woodland to share on here...

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Barbara said...

These long and frosty period we actually have also give us the opportunity to make different winter pictures of our gardens than usual. What are the normal winter temperatures in Brittany? We have from time to time temperatures around -15° here where I live, but this is the exception. I guess there will be a lot of damages to be seen in Spring (my poor rose trees which I didn't protect this winter :-( !!).
Hope you have a good time!