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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Everything in the garden is rosy!

We've had a run of lovely warm sunny days here in Brittany and many of the roses are now well on their way.

Rosa "Sourire D'Orchidee"

For those of you wanting to attract more wildlife to your garden the single, more open blooms are much better for pollinating insects with the pollen more accessible - having said that some of the double flowers are stunning too!

Rosa "Lavender Dream"

Rosa "Lavender Dream"

Rosa "Remember Me"

Rosa "Madame Alfred Carriere"

Rosa "Jacques Cartier"

Rosa "Compassion"

Rosa "Veilchenblau"

Rosa rugosa "Rubra"

Rosa rugosa "Alba"

Rosa "Madame Hardy"

And last but not least the beautiful Rosa "Miranda"!

I love the old fashioned types which seem to thrive in our garden here. Try growing them alongside Lavender which are a great help in keeping aphids at bay!

Roses, I think are one of my favorite all time plants that I could never get bored of....


Brenda Jean said...

Oh my, I LOVE the rosa rugosa Alba. That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all your lovely roses. I must now purchase more for my garden:)

Cheryl said...

Hi Miranda....I have both of the Rosa Rugosa....I adore the scent from them. I also grow the Rosa canina and have one rambler growing through a hawthorn tree.
Roses would do very well here, as the soil is very fertile. The problem I have is the rabbits. I have planted around twenty roses since we moved here and lost everyone to them I have given up now and just stick to the others.
Your blooms are beautiful and a credit to you....HhhhmmmmmI can smell their scent from here.

Have a good weekend and I hope that you are managing to get some rest time.

Miranda Bell said...

A warm welcome to you Brenda Jean - I think this is your first visit to my blog and so glad you liked the roses - it's a fabulous time of year for them to be sure! Do visit again!

Hi Cheryl... thank you for your kind comments - sorry you can't have many roses in your garden due to the bunnies, but then again all the wildlife you have must kind of make up for it and Rosa Rugosa are wonderful... and what a smell as you say!

You'll be glad to hear that I did take some rest time today by going to a garden event here and came away with yet another rose... I'll post a picture of it - not one I'd heard of before either.

It's started to rain here tonight which is great for the garden as it's started to get quite dry - so hope I'll manage to get out tomorrow for some of it at least.

Have a good rest of the weekend yourselves...

A bientot Miranda

Nancy Warren said...

The Madame Hardy is exquisite. We're hoping to get our roses organised before next season since they're all over the garden. When we've got a true rose garden underway the Madam Hardy will definitely be a priority. I wish I could identify a few of roses planted before we arrived. Two of them are gorgeous - but no names!

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Nancy - glad you liked the roses - the Mme Hardy rose was one we inherited in our garden - I pruned it back quite hard in early spring this year and the blooms have gone on much longer - quite prolific.... you might like to take a look at this webiste - for a wonderful rose nursery near here http://www.pepiniere-la-peignie.com/ - they infact have an open weekend this weekend - well worth a visit - even if it is to enjoy their garden - all the roses are beautifully labelled and they stock most of them in the nursery. They also have a stall in Dinan market every week if you miss this. Another garden with an open weekend this weekend and really worth a visit is the Jardin Du Botrain at Mur de Bretagne (about 1 and a quarter hours from here) http://hortiauray.com/murdebretagne.htm Enjoy! Miranda

Katarina i Kullavik said...

Thanks for visiting: Your roses are gorgeous! I immediately fell in love with 'Miranda' what a suitable name...haven't seen that one before.
Enjoy your weekend!