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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Suprise in my window box!

Maybe this is what cats take to be gardening leave - I think right now with the quantity of work in the garden I could quite happily take up the life of Hamish (my cat!) ... How great to be able to recline in the sun and watch the world go by, knowing that a constant supply of good food awaits inside as and when you need it!!

Oh... what a life!


Anonymous said...

Lovely shot - did you have anything growing in it before the cat turned it into his bed?

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Karen - luckily - nothing actually growing in it - had been lovely earlier in the year with Crocus and Snowdrops and it was one of those jobs I'd not got around to removing it and replacing it with something else... all my other work has been taking over recently - largely down to the weather this year... everything is growing SO fast! Is this the same near you?Miranda

Border Reiver said...

Hi Miranda, I've always thought when I come back into this world, a cat would be an ideal life. Feed, sleep, lounge about in windowboxes, hassle a few birds for entertainment, shred sofas and curtains for fun and then settle back to sleeping in the sunniest part of a room. Great life.

Miranda Bell said...

Thanks Border R - I would have to agree with you on this but one issue is that it would mean no 99 Ice creams!!!

Sorry to see that work hasn't exactly been fun for you recently - when I worked for the Children's Society in Bristol we went through massive redundancies and it's really no fun.

Bon courage.... Miranda