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Friday, 20 June 2008

What's out in our garden at the moment....

With all the rain we've had this year as well as the added warmth - many plants have done well this year - this includes the grass which seems to be growing at a mammoth rate!

Despite losing my first attempts to growing sweet peas earlier this year, to a greedy mouse, the second sowing that I did were planted out last weekend and are already producing some beautiful flowers - these are a real favorite of mine - the more you pick them the more they flower! So this was another opportunity to create another hazel structure which I must admit am really pleased with... the birds have decided that it's a great place for a stop over before the reach the bird table!

Another of my summer favorites which I grew from seed this year are the sunflowers - very easy to grow - they're lovely and bright and the birds love the seeds. With their wonderful open blooms are perfect for many of the garden's pollinating insects too. There are many varieties of sunflower worth trying - if you've got a restricted space there are a number of dwarf ones too.

Nigella or Love in a Mist is another great little plant and a reliable annual that readily re-seeds itself - the flowers are as lovely as the seed heads later on.

Euphorbias are a crucial ingredient to a successfully planted border - they make great cut flowers but do be careful to wear gloves when picking as the white sap which often oozes from the stems can cause skin allergies.

I always wish the Day Lillies lasted longer but as their name suggests - their blooms last but a day but I wouldn't be without them - to keep a good display of flowers it really is worth diving them up in the autumn to avoid them getting too congested.

This lovely Dianthus was a bargain - whereas I normally buy plants from the local nurseries round here I found this in the local supermarket, looking like it needed a good home - and if you look carefully - yes I did get three varieties all in one large pot and all for 3 Euros!

Whilst on the subject of pink flowers I thought I'd add in this beautiful Cystus - a beautiful plant with almost paper like petals - ideal if you're looking to add a touch of boldness to an area of planting.

Last but not least - these beautiful orange Californian Poppies which come up every year in the gravel in the driveway and since in other areas of the garden too which is great!

I could add so much more, but this will have to wait to future posts... Bonne weekend!


Cheryl said...

Lovely display Miranda. Things are growing fast here to, and its raining at the moment.
I have lost all my sweet peas. What to, I do not know....I planted eight up various wigwams. Disappointing but thats gardening eh!!
Have a fun weekend......

Miranda Bell said...

Thanks for another kind comment - really sorry you didn't get any sweet peas - I think this year has been the first year I've managed to get decent ones - the last few years I've been pretty disorganised with all the work that there has been to do here - I was determined to sort that this year! As you say, sometimes gardening can bring disappointments but on the other hand so much enjoyment too... hope it stops raining soon for you... Miranda

kate smudges said...

Hi Miranda,

I love your hazel structures for the sweet peas. My bamboo ones are usually made out of three and I much prefer yours with lots of branches added in. Sweet peas are one of my favourites although I don't have a great deal of luck growing them. I have four growing this year and so far, they are okay. I have these wonderful childhood memories of seeing them and try every year. I'm hoping this is the year.

The cystitus blooms are so pretty - I love that papery quality to them.

Nigella are lovely flowers. I like their seedpods a lot too!

Ah rhubarb - I love it and it grows well here. Gooseberries are another story though. My parents have a few bushes, but don't get many berries. They are delicious, but rarely ever seen here.

theothermarg said...

Hi miranda
yes I am a sucker for supermarket plants that cry out to be looked after! and dianthus (pinks) have always been one of my favorites
the scent reminds me of my childhood
thankyou for your comments on my blog I appreciate your opinion

Eve said...

They are so beautiful. The Sunflower is so pretty. I have a row of them planted behind my veggie garden. When I am working in there, I can look up and see their heads peeping over the pole bean trellises.
It has been raining a lot here too. But since we live on the Gulf Coast, we rather expect a shower every day. When it is 104 degrees as it was yesterday, rain is welcome.

Nancy Warren said...

Beautiful photos Miranda. Your flowers are coming along amazingly well. I've focused on veg this year and miss the flowers. Will have to quickly get some planted if at all possible.

The hazel switch cages are fantastic! Where did you find the hazel? Do you cut it yourself? I'd love to do some but have only come across bamboo locally, and most of that is gone.

Miranda Bell said...

Dear All.... thanks so much for visiting and for your kind comments - I've been very busy recently with my work so please excuse the short reply... look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Nancy - in answer to your question - the hazel structures are all made from the hazel we have in our woodland - once your tree grows up again you'll be able to do the same! Miranda