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Wednesday 13 May 2009

Curious goings on....

It all started yesterday afternoon when I'd come home from work and from the office window noticed the Great Spotted Woodpecker at the entrance of the nest box where the blue tits currently have young and he really seemed to be harrassing them. Then one of the adult Blue Tits tried to see it off and there was a right old commotion. I went outside at this point and then there was no sign of the Woodpecker.

Even more curious was only this afternoon discovering that part of the nest was lying at the foot of the Walnut tree below the nest box and yet the Blue Tit parents were still going in and out of the box - the young still in the box as you could hear the cheaping.

Has anyone come across this kind of goings on before - not quite sure what to make of it and obviously a bit concerned... any thoughts on this would be much appreciated..

Monday 4 May 2009

Wild & Wonderful....

I was going to do a posting later this week but after discovering an Emperor Moth out on my walk with Lucy this evening I just had to post this straight away... along with one or two other pictures that I've taken in and around the garden these last few days...

The moth was almost at ground level hanging onto a Buttercup stem so I was lucky to see it - the first one I've seen ever and quite stunning with it's little furry body and interesting antenae!

Then alongside this I thought you might enjoy Mr Toad who I discovered under a pile of leaves - a great help when it comes to ridding the garden of some of the slugs and snails!
Walking around the garden this afternoon I thought I'd take some pictures of some of the other lovely flowers we've got out at the moment - I love all the hardy geraniums and the garden is full of different varieties... the earliest out are these deep purple Geranium phaeum and then I spotted this other one... the variety escapes me right now...

Then last but not least the lovely Irises which are just starting to open.

Finally.... with all the very mixed weather we had last week I managed to capture this double rainbow over our garden - quite beautiful and also the day we sold the car... nothing like a little reminder that Him above is looking after us! There really is something special about a rainbow...