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Sunday 14 October 2012

Butterfly bonanza...

Red Admiral on white Asters

 This last fortnight has seen the most incredible displays of autumn colour in the garden coupled with more butterflies than I've seen all summer!

The autumn sunshine had brought out an abundance of both Red Admirals and Peacocks in particular -  just loving the choice of Asters and Ivy flowers particularly.  They need to make the most of the available nectar from these flowers before the colder autumn and winter days start to set in before most of them over-winter.

Speckled Wood on Ivy
The Speckled Wood is seen here enjoying the Ivy flowers - a wonderful food source for insects late in the year and well worth growing to encourage wildlife into the garden - makes a fantastic nesting site for birds such as Thrushes and Blackbirds too.
Speckled Wood on Wild Rose foliage
Peacock Butterfly on Asters

It has to be said that the Asters in the garden at this time of the year are a real hit with the butterflies especially - there are many varieties of Aster available and heights to suit most gardens.  Easy to create more by waiting till slightly later in the season - once flowering is over, cut down the old stems and then carefully dig around the clump, ease it out of the ground and then divide the clump - some may pull apart whilst others may need the help of a good sharp edge of a garden spade to cut through all the roots!  These can either be re-planted in the garden or divided into pots to bring on and then re-plant.

Geranium Roxanne

I thought I'd add this photo of a really pretty little Geranium - still in full bloom - mid October which isn't bad going... also a favourite with insects and easy to grow.

Peacock Butterfly on Aster Marina Wolkonsky

This is a gorgeous tall dark purple Aster with a deep yellow/orange centre - worth getting if you've not got these.

Comma on pink Asters

The Comma butterfly - another favourite - easily recognised with it's ragged edges to its' wings - it's deep orange colour with brown flecks makes it even more attractive in the late afternoon Autumn sun.

Off out now to go and do some other jobs before the weather turns this week... first on the list is tidying up the greenhouse to make room for all my scented geraniums :-)