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Saturday 4 August 2012

Helping to take the backache out of gardening!

A little while ago I was kindly given the Keter Realbarrow and I'll be honest am completely converted!  It's been a fantastic help in all the gardening I've had to do in Brittany this year - everything has grown twice as much as normal given the high amount of rainfall we had earlier in the year and whereas usually in August when everything in the garden goes a brown colour - everything is still thriving which is great in many ways but has meant twice the work, so as far as I'm concerned anything that helps take the strain of all the extra work is worth it's weight in gold! 

Here are some its' many selling points....

When transporting 50L bags of compost around which are generally heavy and awkward to get out of the car - they would normally need lifting up into a normal wheelbarrow - instead they can be slid out of the car into the Realbarrow which is sitting on the front edge  and  then by gently tipping it back down there is no lifting of compost bags necessary!  Great for anyone with a bad back which many gardeners suffer from.

Being plastic if it gets v. dirty it's easy to clean out using a hose and won't rust if not fully dried off.

There's no worries of the tyres on the wheels going down as they are solid!

You can sweep stuff directly into the barrow without having to lift this into the barrow - it has a metal reinforced edge making it more robust.

I love the fact it's so deep - it's great when it comes to pruning as loads of stuff will fit inside without tipping out and it has the added bonus of taking small bungee cords to hold the prunings in place.  No wonder that Keter won a Reddot design award for this in 2011!

When empty, it's lovely and light to wheel around too and well designed for storing upright - good for a small shed or even a bigger one!

It's quite narrow in shape which is great for getting through small spaces in the garden without spoiling the plants.

If you are in the UK this can be purchased at Capital Gardens.  

For further information on this product and where to buy worldwide, take a look at Keter's website.

For most of us gardeners, we spend a good deal of time in the outdoors and are more than aware of the pressing need to take care of the environment - so thought  it was worth mentioning a section of Keter's mission statement here too -
  • Our mission is to create and produce our products with minimal impact upon the environment, so that our lines of products will meet maximum design impact measures using minimal resources.
  • We use non toxic and 100% recyclable Polypropylene (PP) to manufacture   our products. 
  • Many of our products are being made from recycled material (whilst upholding the REACH standards). 
  • We chart our ecological impact to reduce our carbon footprints.
All in all an excellent piece of gardening kit - and I cannot recommend this enough!