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Sunday 18 March 2012

A Pocket Guide to Plants and Gardening...

From time to time I've reviewed books on my blog and I just wanted to bring this one to your attention.

So often with gardening books they tend to replicate so much of what has been done before but even with my library of gardening and design books there is information in this little book which I found intensely interesting and enjoyable.

Elizabeth McCorquodale has managed to get an incredible amount of information into the 125 pages of this little book which is beautifully illustrated as well as being informative and would make a lovely gift for anyone with an interest in the garden and all that goes on in it or even a complete beginner!

If you order The Pocket Guide to Plants and Gardening having seen this posting you will be able to buy them at £5.97 each (a 40% reduction on the RRP of £9.95). See details below!

The book is essentially split into 4 main sections - The Life of Plants, Gardening, Garden Wildlife and The History of Gardening and covers a wealth of subjects such as pollination, germination, taking cuttings, worm farming, plant nutrition, wildlife-friendly pest control, plants for wildlife, plant names and a time line of garden history and I could go on....

One of my favourite subjects in the gardening is on the importance of recycling in the garden and what better way to do this, but by composting?  I loved the pages on this - simply described for anyone to put into practice and easy to understand.  So often such subjects can be perceived as too complicated and when it boils down to it are in fact very easy... so thought I'd include this lovely illustration on the subject to whet your appetite!

Among my other favourite sections of the book was about how to understand the history of a tree - I found this fascinating.

A little book I could definitely recommend to you and if you order this book, please contact Jessica Atkins at Black Dog Publishing via email or by phoning +44 (0)207 713 5097 & don't forget to mention jardinmiranda for your 40% discount!

Also available with the 40% discount:

- Kids in the Wild Garden
- Kids in the Garden
- Growing Stuff: An Alternative Guide

Just hope you enjoy this one as much as I did...