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Thursday 2 December 2010

Winter Wonderland arrives in Brittany....

A big thank you  to all of you who've left get well comments on my site over the last few weeks - have much appreciated all your kind words and encouragement - my back is gradually mending which is a relief and have infact been out for my first proper walk today and how beautiful it was!

It appears that the winter weather has hit this area of France rather suddenly and with many people not really ready for it all - many spent over 11 hours stuck on the dual carriageways stuck in snow last night - not something you hear of very often over here.

All this beautiful wintry weather makes you feel like a child again - last night, wondering with anticipation just how much snow might have fallen over night - needless to say, I wasn't disappointed this morning - I was glad I'd topped up the bird tables as at 8.30am when I drew back the curtains the feeders were full with hungry birds and others were already forming a queue...

This poor female Blackbird was hoping that she might find something on a somewhat snowed up bird table!

The male Blackbird had more luck with the remaining Crab Apples!

It's important not to forget our feathered friends during all this cold weather especially - I'm sure our garden birds get rather spoilt but they need everything they can get during the very cold weather - a time when many don't make it with the freezing temperatures and a real shortage of their natural foods - if you've any apples in the fruit bowl that have passed their best - stick them on the top of a bamboo cane and if it's possible push the cane into some soil or into the grass - they love this and it really doesn't cost a lot - fat balls and fat squares or homeade fat mixes are also great as they give the birds some of that much needed energy to keep them going.  Also don't forget to provide them with water especially when  it is freezing.

Nesting boxes are also well used at this time of year for roosting in - providing year round sheltered housing!

Lucy much enjoyed her wintry jaunt this morning - with it being one of the first times out for a proper walk it was a time I so appreciated myself as well.
Here are some of the other shots I took of our house, garden and woodland area - all looking very pretty!


All in all a great day - do hope everyone who reads this is keeping warm wherever you are...