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Saturday 7 June 2014

Owl update!

Amazing experience having the owl babies in our woodland - after the last photo shoot they disappeared for about 5 days and have been back ever since... the two siblings seem inseparable and have now found a place at the far end of our woodland to shelter during the day despite getting endless grief from the large Blackbird population along with the Magpies and Jays all squawking at the tops of their voices at the slightest movement (I always know they're around when I hear this!) - even the little Wrens have been joining the chorus recently :-)

This last week I've been going down there very quietly and slowly about 10pm as it's starting to get towards dusk and getting the most amazing views of the pair, plus their Mum who's very attentive and who you can hear calling as she hunts - when she arrives with food you've never heard such a hullabaloo! 

The curious thing, the last 2 nights is that one of the babies is obviously very curious of me and has been flying into a tree or onto a branch almost as close as he dare, in an attempt to try and work out what the hell I'm doing!  This evening he was about 2 meters away crooning his neck in all directions whilst keeping a constant eye on me, turning around for a few seconds and then checking me out again.  He or she didn't seem phased by the fact I was there at all.  Has anyone else had this kind of experience with young owls - I wouldn't miss this for the world...

Whilst enjoying the owls have also had the pleasure of the company of a pair of Muntjac deer as well as a young female fox who came scurrying through on her way to her cubs I would guess - definitely a woman on a mission!  We've also got a number of hedgehogs around as well... so never a dull moment.

Enjoy the warmer weather and hoping we won't have any more storms like last night - all the flashing of lightening in the sky going on almost simultaneously with the thunder was like something from WW2... sent along to add to the celebrations going on this weekend!