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Friday, 16 October 2009

An insect repellent that actually works....

On a trip to Cornwall earlier in the year I found myself indulging in some new hand cream and a citronella cream which vouched for warding off all those horrible biting insects us gardeners get plagued with... I seem to be a sitting target! Well from personal experience I can honestly say it is BRILLIANT (and smells nice... no more horrible chemical sprays!).

The products were SO good, I just had to do a posting to let the rest of you know - I couldn't recommend this stuff more and with Christmas coming up would make a wonderful pressie for someone. The company, B natural skincare is a small family run business, based in Cornwall - all their products are hand made and 100% natural as their name suggests.

They sell a whole range of creams - take a look at their website by clicking on the company name above - the ones I have myself are from the Beeswax range - I love the hand and foot cream - great for dry hands after gardening and not greasy like some products can be.

Chris Pearce, the owner could not have been more helpful, and if you contact them direct are happy to mail the products to France - obviously postage is a little more but the items I ordered arrived quickly and beautifully packaged and came in plastic jars as opposed to the glass ones which made them much lighter to send .... go on why don't you treat yourself or someone else!

If you do try some.... why not post your comments on here.... ENJOY!


Cheryl said...

They look and sound perfect Miranda. I bought a lot of local products whilst visiting Cornwall in February. All made from essential oils and I have to say I have been more than pleased with them.

This is another one to put on my Christmas wish list...

Thank you for sharing......

Miranda Bell said...

Thanks for your comments Cheryl - I feel awful I've not visited any blogs in days as have been quite unwell with horrible food poisoning not fun :-(

The creams that I bought from here have been great - particularly the Citronella cream for insect bites - usually I'm covered but have to admit that this year has been so much better for using this!

I did notice that they had a lovely joint and muscle rub for aches/strains etc etc which I'm tempted to order along with their enriched moisturiser - especially good for those outside a lot! At least you know what you're putting on your skin with these kinds of products - unlike others!

Have a lovely weekend and will pop over very soon - promise! Miranda x

joco said...

Have you tried vitamin B capsules?

Miranda Bell said...

Thanks for visiting Joco - I have infact tried vitamin B without any success at all... the citronella works 100% better...Miranda

easygardener said...

I like the look of the insect repellent - now that you have tested it for me :-)
I'm not too keen on the chemical ones either but I do prefer one that works!

Charlotte Weychan said...

Thanks for this Miranda - I wonder whether it will work in India for me?? The mosquitoes there are like fighter pilots - they just keep attacking!!

Gail said...

I wonder if we can get this in the states! gail

A wildlife gardener said...

What a brilliant idea, Miranda...thank you. I suffer terribly from biting insects so I will pay them a call :)

Miranda Bell said...

Huge apologies to you all for not replying to your kind comments sooner - all this week we've had wonderful and very unseasonal weather here in Brittany - between 19 and 21 degrees - so needless to say I've been out ever day this week getting lots of autumnal jobs done in clients'gardens giving me no time or energy for blogging... I'm guessing looking at the forecast for the week ahead that I might get a few more moments to visit and do the odd posting :-)

Hi Easygardener - the joy of these products is that they're totally natural and they work - and I'm someone who suffers horribly with bites!

Hi Galloping Gardener - you know I don't see why this won't work - it would be worth seeing if they'd post some out to you.

Hi Gail - I would doubt this particular product is available in the States but I'm sure if you didn't mind paying the postage that they'd send some to you... worth an email!

Hi Wildlife Gardener - this is great stuff and I'm sure would do well to ward off the dreaded midges!

Have a great weekend whereever you are... Miranda x