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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Last Sunday in November....

I can hardly believe that this week sees the beginning of December 2009 already - with the continuing relatively mild weather for this time of year, there have been more than plenty of things to keep me busy over this last week in all the gardens I care for, including our own and there are still a number of jobs outstanding too! It is starting to feel a bit colder, but as yet we've had no frost since the two in October which is very unusual, the grass is still growing and so are the weeds and we still have a few little visitors remaining including this beautiful Brimstone butterfly which I spotted sunning itself in between showers!

As with many days I always like to take a quick tour of the garden to spot anything new - and it really was lovely to see SO many plants still in flower, providing colour at this time of year.... the pretty yellow flower of the Bidens, Euphorbia showing some lovely colours as well as the grasses, hardy Geraniums and not to forget the good old faithful Feverfew.

In addition to the plants still in flower, I love the variety of seedheads in the garden - providing plenty of structure and texture.

Over this last week we have seen so much rain but in between the showers the odd touch of sunshine too - this wetter and windy weather has brought many more greedy little birds into the garden too which I love - it helps to keep the garden alive when many things lie dormant. One shrub which we added to our mixed hedge a number of years ago which has produced some good fruit this year is the Arbutus (Strawberry Tree) - the Blackbirds and Thrushes in particular just love this and have been making the most of this whilst stocks last! It not only provides fruits but is smothered in flowers too which have also been a favorite with the Bumble Bees too. I've now seen a number if our smallest visitors here - the Goldcrest both in our own garden and in one of my client's gardens too and there seem to be quite a number of the Long-tailed Tits around too - I've yet to see any at my feeders though.

I wonder what this week will bring... in terms of weather, visitors to the bird table and general findings in our garden... I'm heading up to the Pink Granite Coast this week - near to Treguier to investigate some hotels and chambres D'hotes for a special garden tour in August 2010... more on this later!
Have a good week!


A wildlife gardener said...

Wonderful that you still have had no frost, Miranda... whereas in the Uk we have had flooding in may partsd and frost earlier this month... :)

Beautiful plants still in bloom too, I see :)

Your garden in 2010 sounds intruiging...:)

Cheryl said...

Hi Miranda.....you seem to have had a much better November than us.
We have flood warnings in place at the moment....the river has burst it's banks at the end of our lane. The fields are flooded......a hard frost is expected to night....winter is knocking at my door.

Thank you for sharing the lovely bumble and Brimstone....such a joy.

Have a good week and I hope you manage to get some of those gardening chores completed.

easygardener said...

I thought the butterfly was a leaf - duh! - I'd be going hungry if I was a predator.
The Arbutus looks lovely. Surely this mild weather can't last for much longer.

Shirley said...

Hi there Miranda, gosh... geraniums still in flower! Butterlfies feeding too... wow :-D

Yep, it has turned cold here tonight so its great to see your garden looking so well! Oh my... I'd love to see a goldcrest here too. I do hope you get to see them at your feeders and you have a camera at hand ;-)

Wishing you a great week :-D

Miranda Bell said...

Dear Shirl - thanks for dropping by - talking of Goldcrests and really wishing I'd had my camera - I went off for a speedy walk with Lucy after returning from a day of gardening today and saw one on a Field Maple on the edge of our woodland - literally a couple of yards from where I was standing and it would have been perfect for a picture - such a dear little bird.. always the way when you don't have the camera and these birds are SO difficult to film - much like the Longtailed Tits... have a good week Mirandax

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Easygardener... much colder here tonight :-) at least the grass might just stop growing! Haven't seen anymore butterflies so think I may have to wait for next year now! Thanks so much for dropping by - do have a good week - Miranda

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Wildlife Gardener - thanks so much for dropping by - still no frost as yet but much colder tonight - despite the lack of frosts we've certainly had our fair share of the rain - it's just soaking everywhere :-( The garden Tour in 2010 is with a company called French Gardens today just incase you're interested... www.frenchgardenstoday.co.uk - hope all's well in your own place and you've not got too much rain or maybe even snow? Miranda x

Miranda Bell said...

Dear Cheryl - well have been out gardening for the day and then a surprise supper with a friend up the road which was nice - so am back in the warm now as it's actually really cold here tonight :-) So I think it may be the last of the butterflies for a while. November here infact has been extremely wet - flooding not so much a problem but everywhere is completely soggy now - am concerned about our hibernating h-hog as he must be getting rather damp and cold! Another wet day forecast tomorrow so have decided to set about making our Christmas cards in the warm with lots of nice coffee :) - enjoy the rest of your week too Miranda x