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Monday 3 March 2014

Spring time has finally arrived in Brittany...

Better late than never!  I love this time of year with all the Hellebores out - seeing the sunlight shining through their delicate petals... so beautiful.  It's very easy getting bogged down with all dreadful weather we've had (and we have!) but good to start seeing some colour returning to the garden after our so called winter - I think I can count up the frosty mornings we've had on one hand which is very unusual for Brittany.

I've had the Hellebores in the garden now for the last 6 years and am now starting to get some really interesting varieties coming through -  such intricate markings on the petals!  They're great for areas of mixed sun and shade or even in light woodland and are prolific self seeders too... I tend to remove the large leaves from the previous year's growth - this allows the blooms more space to grow straight and taller and gives a much better display.


These are a one of the many clumps we have of the double flowered Primula which was in the garden here before we arrived.

One of my favorites for scent at this time of year - Daphne odora "Aureomarginata" - a very small plant we bought on our honeymoon - now nearly 10 years ago!

This is another wonderful plant for fragrance - Lonicera fragrantissima - producing beautiful blooms on bear stems to begin with. This has been in flower since January and provides essential nectar to an bees that area around early in the year - a must for any garden.

My final picture is of the flowers of Hellebore foetidus - again the bees love this early flowering plant - it's evergreen and so quickly fills empty spaces in the herbaceous border and is like other Hellebores a prolific self seeders - great to be able to share with friends and neighbours alike.

I hope you've enjoyed a quick tour of all that is flowering in our garden here in Brittany and hope to be able to share some more as the months unfold... have a great week!


Sue Garrett said...

I saw a lovely dark almost black hellebore today at a garden we visited but didn't see any on sale!

Miranda Bell said...

Lovely to have you visit my blog again - it's been ages since I last posted.. just too busy!:-)

Shame you don't live nearer - I would be happy to give you a few from here with all the seedlings - I love the very dark ones too.

Sue Garrett said...

I've spotted a collection on the web 3 Pretty Ellen dark Purple and 3
Yellow Spotted which I am going to order. A bit cheaper than popping over to pick some up from you but thanks for the offer! :)

James said...

Same here south in Portugal after one of the wettest winter since record. Love your blog, I have been following it for a long time now.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous pics as always. ))