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Saturday 24 May 2008

La Belle France!

All times of the year in the garden have their highlights and it's the large Oriental Poppies and Aqualegias which I just love at this time of year. I never planted any of these - they were all here hidden under 9 years worth of brambles and many of the other garden menaces such as bind weed - but every year as I get to clear the garden more and more the flowering gets more prolific - certainly as good as an incentive as you'll get to get things cleared quicker!! Just so you get a sense of scale - this is the biggest I've ever seen in our garden - about the size of an average dinner plate!

The pollinating insects love these flowers with the ease of landing and flying away again... and I regularly see 2 or more bees at a time competing for the pollen!

Having said that when I looked a bit closer I discovered grass hoppers like them too!

Here are a selection of some of my other favourites at the moment...

Rosa "Arthur Bell" - a stunning rose and easy to grow - sure to brighten up any corner!

Astrantia major "Roma" is a beautiful plant - in fact there are some beautiful varieties of this plant... definitely worth trying if you've not got one.

Rosa "La Belle Sultane" is a rose I bought over here and would highly recommend - it is quite stunning and such an amazing colour.

This was another of the beautiful plants growing in the garden - I think it could be Rosa Mme. Hardy - any other suggestions? Its perfume is incredible.

And for the finale today are the Irises...

I'll try and post some more very soon... enjoy!


Cheryl said...

Beautiful Miranda......I love Astrantia. I was given three in March.....I put them in but only one has come up so far. I am hoping the others will appear soon!
Your Roses are lovely. I only grow a few here as the rabbits tend to have too much of a good chomp.
I love grasshoppers. We get the tiny oak grasshoppers....they are really sweet.
Lovely post.
Bad weather is due here tonight. Strong winds and torrential rain...she do the blooms good !!!!!
Oh the woes of a gardener.

Have fun.

linda may said...

I found your blog via wildlife gardener's. You have a wonderful garden. I love poppies, where I lived before here they didn't do so well. I did have a nice crop of Flanders poppies, and some artist's poppies. Nothing like he ones you have. And that purple single rose, gorgeous. I can't wait for winter to be over so I can oggle the flowers here again.

Meems said...

Wonderful poppies, Miranda. Can't grow them in Florida... or the bearded iris. Your roses are stunning too. I've not grown roses for several years... every time I see them on someone else's blog it makes me think I should get some new ones.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Meems said...

I meant to say I like the white flower in the header too.

Miranda Bell said...

Glad you've all liked the posting...

Hi again Cheryl.. the great thing about Astrantias is the number of different varieties - they're an interesting little plant. Do hope you haven't had too much damaged with the bad weather - the rain we've had this last week alone has brought our stream up to the level it was in the winter!

Welcome to Linda May - really glad you liked the poppies - to be honest I think all poppies look lovely, just a shame they dont' last longer!

Hi again Meems - shame you can't grow the poppies or bearded iris in Florida - is the climate not right for them? Roses... well I couldn't have enough of them myself!! Fortunately or maybe unfortunately for my husband we've got a fabulous rose nursery about 50 mins from here... !! The white flower on the header was a beautfiul Aqualegia that I recently bought at a plant fayre near here!

Better get out in the garden as I think we're going to get some more rain again today! :-( Miranda