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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Seasons of change....

I always seem to start my posts these days apologising for taking so long to add articles to my blog - I really don't know where the time seems to be going other than on continually trying to keep on top of the ongoing growth spurts that the gardens I care for as well as our own seem to be taking on this year! Normally I tend to tackle the job of hedge cutting towards the end of June, but they're ready to be done already and we're not even at the end of May... added to which I'm sure a lot of plants are out considerably earlier than normal too - I'd be interested to hear from other people on their experience this year.

I've got a number of postings to add which have been in the pipeline and am going to start off with a series of pictures from my recent walks around the countryside here - it really is beautiful and so much to see - it's worth taking time to appreciate even the smaller things like this Bumble Bee attempting his early morning acrobatics and not just the bigger picture - the bigger picture is important too though - don't get me wrong!

Wild Roses are just on their way out now and with their open blooms and bright yellow centre a real target for pollinating insects!

Fields of meadow buttercups are a rare sight these days and quite beautiful in the sunshine we've had here this week - in addition the wet weather we've had on top has created perfect growing conditions!
The increased rainfall we've had this year has been perfect for these Irises which are thriving along the stream banks and ditches - these seem to be a favorite of all the dragonflies that are currently around but I've not managed a picture of one as yet.

Hogweed for all it's failings as a danger to us when strimming ( see my previous posting on this) it's a wonderful landing pad for many wonderful insects - so these plants aren't all bad!

My last picture is of the beautiful Hawthorn blossom which is just everywhere at the moment, but as you can see this one has turned from white to a pinky colour indicating that it has been pollinated and will carry berries in the autumn - something I learnt from one of my favorite blog sites - Cheryl's blog - you never stop learning do you and thank you Cheryl!!


Cheryl said...

Hi Miranda.....What a lovely post, but then you probably knew that I would enjoy it. Beautiful bees and other insects that make gardening so much more enjoyable. They bring our space to life and add meaning.
Thank you for the mention.

The Wessex Reiver said...

Hi Miranda, interesting your comment about early plants. Here in the West Country I'd guess we're about 2 weeks behind normal after the very cold March and April, which has provided us with a cocophany of blossom and flowers, concentrated into a couple of weeks. It's been glorious. In April Primroses stole the show and were everywhere, and like you this month is dedicated to the Buttercup.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Cheryl - yes I guess I did think you might like this post - particularly with all the insects! They do bring our space to life - but you need to take time to appreciate them too and the amazing job they do in the garden!

Hi Border - I thought from your recent posting that you said that you'd be away till beginning of June or I'd have left a comment on your lovely buttercup post... I was in a bit of a rush at the time - sorry! Interesting that you're finding that things are behind as usually things are on a par with southern England.

Have a good weekend - just off to do my third post in 2 days... Miranda